Enterprise Grade Platform For Accounting & Bookkeeping Firms - AIT ASP

Enterprise Grade IT Platform For Accounting & Bookkeeping Firms

We are passionate about fast, remote work, privacy, support & compliance. Keeping your confidential, client data secure is essential to your peace of mind. Sign up, work from anywhere and forget about your client data being breached.

Keep Your Client Data Secure

Authorities have placed the burden of data privacy compliance on you and your business. Secure your business with AIT ASP.

What Is Our Cloud Platform?

Moving your business securely to the speed and convenience of the cloud is easy with AIT Accounting Service Platform (ASP). The platform includes, among other things:

Local Accounting Software

Option to run your local accounting software in our Secure Cloud.

Cloud Accounting Apps

Access your Apps through a web browser in our Secure Cloud.


We keep detailed logs, required for compliance.

Cloud & Local Files

All files encrypted at rest and in transit. Enterprise grade cloud file system included. Microsoft Active Directory included.

Full SIEM & Intrusion Detection

Get notified of attempted breaches in real-time. We use a Gartner Magic Quadrant listed Security Information and Event Management System (SIEM) to keep our platform and your data secure.


Access Telpay in our secure Cloud Platofrm.

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Interested? Next Steps…

After you sign up, we will take you through our on-boarding procedure, your team will receive their credentials and start work. Simply login to our Cloud Platform, and access your features and apps securely

Sign Up

Sign up for AIT ASP


Setup your primary contact, and users.

Team Credentials

We help train your team to use our user-friendly platform.

Is your data vulnerable to attackers? Download our free checklist, and understand how to prevent an attack.


  • Service Features

    • Enterprise-Grade Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)
    • Full Suite of MS Office
    • Enterprise-Grade Cloud File System – in Canada
    • Enterprise-Grade User & Permission Control
    • Advanced File Integrity Check and AntiVirus
    • 24 hr Uptime Monitoring
    • 24 hr Canada-Based Call Center
    • Secure, Local RDS App Login
    • Telpay Supported*
    • Secure Browser
    • Add Local Accounting Software**

1-3 User (+ $600 Setup Fee)

4-6 Users (+ $750 Setup Fee)

7-9 Users (+ $975 Setup Fee)

10-24 Users (+ $1,275 Setup Fee)

25-49 Users (+ $2,250 Setup Fee)

50+ Users (Contact Us)



/MONTH (Starting At)